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NBA Live Mobile -  Five Sets to Complete Before the Reset

Summer Courts Elite Players. This set offers an easy opportunity to turn 10 Summer Courts gold players into an elite player. Gold players can be acquired in exchange for 10 collectibles from live events and packs. If players manage to acquire 25 elite players and 25 gold players, they can exchange these items for one of the best NBA Live Mobile cards: Allen Iverson 99 OVR. 

Summer Bosses. This set category has five subcategories. By completing all of them, players earn four 99 OVR players. First of all, they must progressively complete the sets that unlock the 97 OVR version of each boss. The final set grants access to a live event through which the previously obtained 97 OVR cards are upgraded to 99 OVR. 

Ultimate Legends. At the moment there are 10 Ultimate Legends sets that allow players to earn a unique 99 OVR card. All these players also have special abilities. With the NBA Live Mobile reset coming soon, these are some of the best cards to protect and use in legacy live events after the reset. Each player is won by completing a set that requires 10 Ultimate Legend tokens. Other sets in this category give players various ways to obtain tokens. It's possible to trade player cards for tokens or other types of tokens for the Ultimate Legend tokens. 

Offseason Movers. The big reward for completing this set is 98 OVR Paul George card. Twenty elite players from the Offseason Movers program are needed to obtain the George card. One such player is acquired in exchange for 40 program tokens. 

NBA Summer League Heroes. This category of sets has 97, 98, and 99 OVR players as reward. Players need forty Summer League elite players for one 99 OVR player. They will also receive a token that is needed for the Master sets that also reward 99 OVR players. The elite players for these sets are acquired in exchange for 30 collectibles from the Summer League program. 

If you have not receive these cards, you could get them with cheap NBA Live 18 coins from transfer market. Good players could make you a better team.